BSc (Hons), MSc, HPCP, CSP, Dip AP Sport
AACP registered acupuncturist
Clinical Pilates practitioner

A leading specialist in performance analysis for Britain’s Entertainment Industry.

For over 20 years, Ava has developed expert treatment specific systems for the rehabilitation of performance related injury. She has extensive knowledge and in depth experience of sports injury and a proven track record of work with International Corporations in managing the physical toll any high pressured job can take on the body.

Her clinic, Physio Katics, is based in the heart of London.

A specialist in movement analysis with a comprehensive understanding of body mechanisms, Ava is able to identify and analyse specific problems, provide effective treatment and create bespoke programmes for rehabilitation and further injury prevention.

The focus is always on holistic, functional treatment tailored to the needs of the individual.




Covid-19 has brought about its own spectrum of physical problems. From the work-from- home revolution which has brought about changes in postural demands and sleep patterns, to the aches, strains & pains of new fitness regimes – even the troublesome strain a Zoom class can cause when you turn your head to camera for a new move. As well as the more serious effects of surviving the coronavirus itself. Physio Katics can help.

Our knowledge of post infection issues is constantly evolving. Currently we are aware of respiratory and circulatory issues, fatigue issues, muscle wasting and a decline in cardio vascular fitness weeks, maybe months after the disease has resolved.

Latest research is constantly in review. But we can utilise the knowledge gained from many disciplines in physiotherapy to help COVID 19 patients post virus. We can provide a graded programme to help the return to full function, focusing on the individual areas affected, paced specifically at a level which avoids fatigue and a relapse of symptoms.


Many people primarily come to physio for the resolution of pain. This can be for an acute
injury, or a more complex disorder which requires long term management.
Physio Katics provides a unique rehabilitation service for complex conditions such as, recovery from Sepsis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, maintaining fitness in progressive neurological disorders such as disorders such as MS, Marie Charcot Tooth and the management of inflammatory conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Rehabilitation, recovery and maintenance of the voice for many West End artists. Techniques derived from this are also invaluable for maintaining issues experienced in any public speaking situation. Vocal reliance can be elusive. Ava gets her performers through 8 shows a week.



Ava has developed a specialist physiotherapy role for several companies, and provides on site treatment during workshops, pre-production, rehearsals and performance. The goal is to reduce the number and severity of injuries, and keep performers happy, healthy and on stage.


West End

Romeo & Juliet, Bat Out of Hell, Caroline or Change, The Jungle The Ferryman, The Grinch, Dreamgirls, Motown, The Girls, Tango Inferno, Ink, Ladies of Perpetual Succour, Home I’m Darling, Made In Dagenham, Sunny Afternoon, Anything Goes, Singin’ In The Rain, I Cant Sing, Imagine This, Sunset Boulevard, Flashdance, Bend It Like Beckham, Chariots of Fire Mountain Top


 Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Rambert Dance Company, Northern Ballet Theatre,
Cirque Eloize, Cedar Lake Ballet, Batsheva, Shobana Jayasingh, DV8, The Snowman


‘Batman Live’ Arena World Tour, Kylie Minogue “Kiss Me Once’


The Royal Court, Donmar, The Royal Opera, House, Sadlers Wells,
Lyric Hammersmith, The National Theatre, Almedia, Hampstead


National Youth Dance Company, London Studio Centre.


Batman Live, Cirque Eloize, In the Night Garden.




Physio Katics focusses on the individual as a whole person with a notably wide
range of treatment expertise.

Not just a knee, or a leg, or the back, the whole person